"Knowledge" becomes "assets"-patented training


Intellectual property rights are the protection of a company's technical capabilities and escort the company's technology research and development. The country has also issued relevant policies and regulations to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. Our company is a company that specializes in customizing mechanical testing instruments for users. There are various types of equipment. Professional technical ability, in order to protect our company's developed products, recently, our company has carried out a patent training for the company's technical personnel relying on patent agencies, so that "technical research and development" can be transformed into "intellectual property rights", and "intellectual property rights" can be transformed into As "company assets", it becomes the moat and umbrella of the company's product research and development. Doing a good job in technology development and intellectual property protection can also better develop new products, pave the way for users' customized needs, and provide a strong guarantee for the company's market development.