WDW-50D~100D Microcomputer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine



WDW-50D~100D Microcomputer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine


The WDW microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine adopts the internationally popular gantry optional single and double-space host structure, imported maintenance-free servo speed control system and motor, backlash-free synchronous toothed belt drive, high-precision preloaded ball screw, the overall structure Perfect, advanced performance. The self-developed PC control system realizes the closed-loop control of parameters such as test force, sample deformation, beam displacement, etc., and meets the control requirements of GB/T228 "Metal Materials Tensile Test Method at Room Temperature" and GB/T7314 "Metal Material Room Temperature Compression Method" , Comply with data processing of GB, ISO, ASTM, DIN and other standards. It can meet the requirements of users and the standards provided. It can realize the screen display of test force, test force peak value, beam displacement, sample deformation and test curve, and at the same time automatically process data, store processing results, and print test reports.


This machine is widely used in mechanical performance tests of metal and non-metallic materials such as tension, compression, bending and shearing; equipped with corresponding accessories, it can also be used for mechanical performance tests of profiles and components; it can be used for ropes with large sample deformation and fast test speed. , tape, wire, rubber, plastic and other material testing fields, also has very broad application prospects. Applicable to quality supervision, teaching and scientific research, aerospace, vehicle manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, wire and cable, medical equipment, textile, rubber, plastic, home appliances, building materials and other experimental fields

It can also be specially customized according to the needs of users, equipped with special accessories such as large deformation extensometers, high and low temperature environmental chambers, etc.

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